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The International Festival Celebrates Culture and Art

Festival Main Stage Celebrates Culture and ArtInternational Focus is an organization that originated out of cooperation between local ethnic groups, the City of Raleigh, and the Raleigh Sister Cities organization. After the first successful International Festival in 1986, International Focus was established to support the continued implementation of The International Festival of Raleigh.

At that time, and still today, the need for a celebration of culture and the arts has proven essential to thousands of individuals in the area. The International Festival has continued to support local artists, to join in a celebration of tradition through artistic expressions such as dance, cuisine, calligraphy, and demonstrations.

Each year, it is our pleasure to bring lively entertainment and education to the City of Raleigh and our supporters throughout the region, to encourage international culture and art. Our efforts at the most recent International Festival in 2015 resulted in over 28,000 individuals coming together to support and appreciate 58 ethnic groups, for three days, under one roof.

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