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2016 Variety Stage

Variety Stage: Friday, October 14, 2016

Netherlands pakistan philippines poland portugal romania russia south africa south korea tanzania thailand tibet tunisia turkey uganda venezuela

Time Country Description
5:00 Indian Presented by Govardhani Babu (Yash Garg)
5:30 Band & CIRQUE DE VOL Crucial Fiya- Reggea
7:00 Proud of My Culture Fashion Show Presented by Highlight Concepts
8:00 Band  Ed Stephenson and Paco Band - Spain
9:15 Salsa, Batchata Presented by Jenny Geska with Triangle Dancers
Variety Stage: Saturday, October 15, 2016

american flag argentina bangladesh belize brazil canada china taca china colombia democratic republic of the congo ecuador egypt el salvador flag ethiopia Flag of French Polynesia france greek

Time Country Description
  CIRQUE DE VOL throughout the weekend!  
10:00 Japanese Japanese Tea Ceremony Presented by Nippon Club
11:00 Indian-Saree Drapping ; Presented by Sripriya Sankaran
11:30 Turkish Belly Dance Presented by Kelly Buynitzky
12:00 Latin Variety Presented by Vihn Ngo
12:30 Indian Bollywood and Classic Mix Presented by Sangeeta Nayak 
1:00 Bollywood Presented by Kelly Buynitzky
1:30 Latin Presented by Jenny Geska with Triangle Dancers
2:30 Polynisian Presented by Bethanie Mickles 
2:30 CIRQUE DE VOL Presented by Sara Phoenix
3:00 Bands Flor y Canto - Mexican Folk music
4:30 India  Presented by Priya Chellani at Indigo Dance Academy
5:30 Brazilian Band Brazilian Caique 
7:00 Indian  Classical Dance- Bharatanatyam Presented by Priya Loganathar 
7:30 Belly Dance  Presented by Laylianah and Christina
8:00 World Variety The Largest International Dance Party - Led by Nadine Masri and Team.
Variety Stage: Sunday, October 16, 2016
haiti hungarian IFocusGlobe india indonesia iran ireland Israeli  italy japan kenya korea lebanon madagascar mexico NAfrican Sudan nepal
Time Country Description
  CIRQUE DE VOL throughout the weekend!  
11:00 Saree Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka Saree Presentation led by Moh Fatmi
11:30 Latin Variety Presented by Vihn Ngo
12:00 Turkish  Presented by Kelly Buynitzky
12:45 Egyptian Presented by Amara Al Amir - Tapestry Belly Dance 
1:30 Iranian  Presented by Negin Shojae. 
2:00 Bollywood Boly X Presented by Kelly Buynitzky
2:30 North African Presented by Bethany Mickles
3:00 Indian-Bollywood Presented by Malhar Dance Group
3:30 Mexico Presented by Ivan Sanchez and Los Viejitos 
4:00 Bollywood Presented by Priya Chellani at Indigo Dance Academy
5:00 Latin variety Remy Saint Luis

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