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Our 30th International Festival Was A Success!

To say, our 30th family reunion was heartwarming would be an understatement. We were happy to see familiar faces that were looking forward to represent their country/culture with pride.

Our festival celebrated dances from around the world on two stages, over 42 cultures on one stage, 30 on the other with audience participation, biergarten area, international bands, over 100 children's art competition, acrobats, twenty eight different cafes, over 22 cooking demonstrations, over 25 different fun activities, and over 2000 volunteers, but what was most prevalent was the pride and love that went into this festival.

Dreamsdared were so kind and patient with installation of our balloon drop, Fat Production is one of the most reliable AV companies we can always count on, Theo Davis printing helped us cut costs and exceed expectation with quality and speed.

Sure, there are many events every weekend in Raleigh, but none of them do what we do, bring together talents from around the world. Our goal and mission has always been to build bridges between cultures and promote understanding. We bring the world together under one roof to celebrate talent, fun, and food.


When you turn the news on, you hear nothing but bad news from around the world, there is so much more good and good things that need to be highlighted and we are happy to do that at least once a year.

We want to take few moments to thank all of the ethnic groups that have been with us since 1986!

Thanks to those to those who stuck with us through thick and thin, through 9/11 before and after, our devoted committee volunteers who spent hours away from their family, sponsors and partners who believe in our mission.

We hope we have conveyed our care and pride for each group and in the International Focus mission.

We encourage you to keep recruiting new members to represent your country/culture with pride, keep the younger generations engaged, and as demanding as it gets keep volunteering and representing your group... if you don't someone else will.

Please visit our 2015 Festival Page and Facebook page to see some of the great pictures from PTM Photography- Palani Mohan, Matt Wong Photoraphy, Anis Roshan, Jonathan Powell, Chris of Shapethelight and all the other groups.

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