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The theme for 2014 will be "Natural Wonders"

Thanks for your interest in participating in the 29th Annual International Festival of Raleigh! This year the Festival will be held September 19th-21st at the Raleigh Convention Center.

OPTIONS FOR VENUE PARTICIPATION- select a yellow button for complete guidelines and to complete registration. 

Cultural Exhibit for Ethnic Groups

We welcome all cultures to participate in the Festival and showcase their culture through food, exhibits, performances, or vending. One representative per culture is admitted.

Cultural Exhibit Competition

Each year, we have a competition for the best Cultural Exhibits. The booths will be judged on originality, representation of theme, educational aspect, authenticity, booth attendants and overall composition. First and second place winners will receive a plaque to display in their booth and their group’s choice of location at next year’s Festival.

Cultural Exhibit Judging Guidelines

Points System:
5 Excellent, 4 Very Good, 3 Good, 2 Acceptable, 1 Poor


1. Connects to the Festival theme - "Natural Wonders of the World":
Exhibit references the Festival theme and represents the theme from that culture’s perspective.

2. Originality:
Exhibit uses creative décor and visual aids to represent its message.

3. Execution:
Exhibit design is well thought-out and implemented, attractive and accessible.

4. Instructs visitors about the celebrations of the culture:
Exhibit seeks to engage visitors and teach them about that culture’s perspective.

5. Hospitality of exhibit attendants:
Exhibit attendants are welcoming and engage with visitors.

6. Knowledge of exhibit attendants:
Exhibit attendants are well informed about their culture and the themes represented in the exhibit and are able to share their knowledge with visitors.

Cultural Exhibit


Note: If your group wants to receive the nonprofit rate, you must register in one non-revenue producing venue AND a revenue producing venue. For example, if you want a sidewalk cafe, then you need a cultural exhibit or to dance on main stage, or if you want a sidewalk cafe AND a bazaar, then they must dance AND have a cultural exhibit.


International Bazaar Booth Vendors: Bazaar vendor booths  are available for ethnically or internationally-related companies to exhibit or sell their products and/or services.

Bazaar Booth Pricing
    • 8'x10' Booth Non-profit $375-early bird. After June 15 $425
    • 8'x20' Booth Non-profit $500-early bird. After June 15 $550
    • Tables $10.00 each
    • Chairs $2.00 each
    • 110v Outlet $50 each
    • 220v Outlet $90 each



Sidewalk Cafe Food Vendors: Food vendors and restaurants that serve a specific ethnic cuisine are welcome to participate in the Festival.

Sidewalk Cafe


Sidewalk Cafe Booth Pricing

    • Non-profit Booth $600-early bird. After June 15 $650.
    • Tables $10.00 each
    • Chairs $2.00 each
    • 110v Outlet $50 each
    • 220v Outlet $90 each


Non-Profit / NON Ethnic Group

The International Festival provides a platform for non-profit organizations to bring their message and mission to the public. Up to half of booth rental may be offset by volunteer work or other contributions to the Festival as a whole.



Performers, Entertainers, Artists

Ethnic musical, dance and other performers and artists are welcome to share their talents at the Festival. Participate in the Dance Demos, Cultural Exhibits, Biergarten or Main Stage.

Biergarten / Coffee House


Adult Main Stage and Teen Main Stage
The showcase of the Festival is the entertainment. Each participating ethnic group should encourage its members to be at the Festival before and after its dancers’ performance. Main Stage is one of the highlights of the Festival

Main Stage - Adults and Teens


Children's Main Stage
One of the highlights of the Festival is the Children’s Performance. This event offers young people an opportunity to perform traditional ethnic dances to traditional ethnic music and encourages a sense of pride in their culture and history.

Main Stage - Children


Cooking Demo


Dance Demo



Connect with a wide range of demographics from across the region while supporting one of Raleigh's premier cultural events! We look forward to working with you to create the best event marketing strategies for your specific outreach needs.


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