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2017 International Festival Volunteer Sign Up

We thank you on behalf of the festival crew for your help and support. Click the link below to sign up to volunteer for the 32nd Annual International Festival of Raleigh.

Important Changes

  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • All volunteers are required to bring an ID. This will be collected at check-in and returned at check out.
  • All volunteers will receive an IF shirt and a free ticket to the festival.
  • Only volunteers receive a free pass to the festival - not family and friends.
  • Only Wednesday/Thursday/Friday volunteers on the set up crew volunteering the full 6-hour shift will receive free pass for a family of four, or a weekend ticket to the festival.
  • No walk in volunteers or group registrations.

The available volunteers positions are as follows

  • COOKING LIVE!: Assist Cooking Demonstrations Coordinator as needed, set-up for performers, help keep areas clean. 
  • EXIT POLLS: Survey and interview attendees; hand out questionnaires; answer questions.
  • GENERAL ASSIGNMENTS: Help wherever needed; volunteers will be assigned duties as needed to help festival staff. 
  • GREEN TEAM: Help us make this Festival the most sustainable one in Raleigh! Green Team volunteers help guide guests in sorting the waste material into three categories:  Compostable, Recyclable, and Waste to Landfill.  Learn and teach about sustainability. See Training Packet GreenVolunteerGuide.pdf
  • KID'S CORNER: Assist in children's area by helping the kids create crafts and play games, running the Passport activity (handing out passports/explaining directions, giving out prizes), reading aloud, preparation/clean-up, and general supervision.
  • MAIN STAGE: Replenish drinking water for announcers, clean stage if needed, assist Main Stage Directors / announcers / dancers as needed. 
  • SOUVENIR BOOTH: Sell souvenirs and items for the Festival and answer questions. 
  • TABLE BUSSERS: Work in conjunction with the Green Team and perform general clean-up of the dining tables and area. Assist Green Team in sorting waste as described above. 
  • TRAFFIC CONTROL: Greet attendees and direct them to cash or credit lines. Control the exits and make sure that Exhibit C is exit only. 
  • VENDOR ASSISTANCE: Assist International Focus booth with preparing treats, taking money, and answering questions during the festival.
  • WELCOME CREW: Welcome guests, pass out Festival programs, give directions to exit, and answer questions using the festival program.
  • WILL CALL: Looking for friendly, personable volunteers to assist with verifying tickets, distributing wrist bands, stamping hands for re-entry and answering question about the festival and entry costs.
The 32nd International Festival of Raleigh
October 20-22, 2017
School Field Trip Program: Friday Oct 20th - opening at 9:00 am

International Festival 2017 Flyer

Festival Promo Video 2017

Festival Main Stage Celebrates Culture and ArtThe International Festival of Raleigh provides a comprehensive platform for local ethnic communities and multicultural artists to present international art in downtown Raleigh. Our yearly, three-day event serves over 25,000 attendees annually and is a key component of the City’s arts tradition.

The Festival’s artists are both professional and amateur, and represent Raleigh’s diverse population. More than 71 ethnic groups participate to present a variety of high-quality arts through dance and musical performances, ethnic cuisines, dance, and global cooking workshops, visual art, calligraphy, textile design, and cultural expression from across the globe.

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Programming and activities will include:

Naturalization Ceremony: Approximately 250 people representing over 83 countries will become United States citizens at a moving citizenship ceremony. The ceremony is the traditional grand opening of the festival each year and features municipal and state-wide dignitary speakers.

Main Stage: Ethnic and folkloric dances are performed by ethnic groups, studios, and international dance schools giving them a platform to express their art.

Variety Stage: This participatory stage is open to dance studios, schools, bands, and other community stakeholders to engage in creative art.

Children’s Corner: The Festival partners with local organizations, such as Raleigh Parks and Recreation, museums, and other groups to create ethnic arts and crafts experiences. Young visitors participate in a scavenger hunt “around the world,” paint on the canvas wall, enjoy performance art, puppet shows and storytelling (written and spoken word), and participate in other activities and games, such as mask-making, saree demonstration, and ethnic crafts.

Cultural Exhibits: Over 40 exhibits present traditions from their respective cultures through the prism of an annual theme and invite visitors to engage in activities and learning. Each booth is decorated by the ethnic group represented using traditional arts and crafts that relate to the theme. The booth is then staffed by a member for that ethnic group to provide live discussion of the culture and artisanship.

Sidewalk Cafés: Mini-restaurants created to look like a building in the respective country serve authentic food from around the world. These booth facades are crafted, painted and maintained by local artists annually.

Vendor Booths: Arts and crafts from around the world are available to take home through a variety of vendor booths where artisans can share their skills. In addition to traditional craft items, these booths offer decorative arts such as henna, as well as healing arts such as massage.

Dance Competition: Community groups perform, compete, and develop new talent.

Passport Program: Young (and old) attendees ‘travel the world’ to find the answers to cultural questions and receive stamps in their passport.

International Field Trip: Schools from around the state come to the festival on an International Field Trip with reduced admission. Sidewalk Café food vendors offer international menus at $5 or less, allowing the students to enjoy diverse cultural exhibitions and lunch for under $10. Students are invited to participate in an international dance on stage.

Art Exhibition: Bob Rankin, lifetime friend and artists behind the colorful posters, displays his artwork, paints, signs his posters, and interacts with the public. This year we invited two other artists to participate.

The International Block Party: Held at City Plaza, the heart of downtown Raleigh, this free event is intended to showcase the culturally rich experience the festival has to offer. International food vendors, bazaars, and folkloric dances from around the world.

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Festival Tickets 2017

FRIDAY, Oct. 20
Friday One Day Pass

  Before 5pmAfter 5pm
Everyone $5 $7
*Children 6 and under are free

Saturday, Oct 21
Saturday One Day Pass

(Sep & Oct)
Door Price
Adult $12 $15
Child 6-12* $6 $7
Student - Military - Senior $8 $10
*Children 6 and under are free

Sunday, Oct 22
Sunday One Day Pass

(Sep & Oct)
Door Price
Adult $9 $10
Child 6-12* $6 $7
Student - Military - Senior $8 $8
*Children 6 and under are free

Family Pack of 4 for Saturday and Sunday
Family Pack of 4
Either, 2 adults and 2 child/student/senior or 1 adult and 3 child/student/senior

Saturday PriceSunday Price
$30 $20

Tickets to FRIDA: The Play Only
FRIDA: The Play

The Play Only $5

**Transaction fee is $1.75 per purchase plus 3.2% of total sale applies to online orders.

Festival Sponsors 2017

We want to thank our generous sponsors for making this year's festival possible and for celebrating the great diversity of the Triangle, where we live side by side with neighbors from all over the world.

Festival Sponsors 2017
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