March 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone
ReCity Network
112 Broadway St
Durham, NC
ReCity Network
Racial Equity Cohort Learning Series #3 - Decentering White Supremacy Culture @ ReCity Network

Our Foundations in Racial Equity workshop is focused on building social, political, historical and economic context around the construction of race, and help participants build a systemic, institutional and cultural analysis of racialized outcomes, all through the lens of our own racial identities, experiences, and encounters. This introductory workshop is a strongly recommended prerequisite for our other workshops.

Our Foundations in Internalized Racism workshop pushes participants to examine their own socialization and the unconscious norms, assumptions, and biases that have been ingrained in us, that perpetuate racism and uphold the system has it was designed. We will interrogate our own lived experiences and identities, build community and devise strategies for deconstructing Internalized Racial Superiority and Internalized Racial Oppression through racial identity caucusing, all while building our capacity to work towards racial equity in the spaces we occupy.

Our Decentering White Supremacy Culture workshop focuses on naming, interrogating, and challenging white supremacy as a socio-political system of domination that, while rendered invisible, controls all facets of what is deemed “normal” and “correct” in our society and in our workplaces, more specifically. Using a racial equity lens developed in sessions 1 & 2, we will define the attributes of whites supremacy culture, identify our roles as perpetrators/co-conspirators in upholding white supremacy culture as the “norm” in our environments, and begin developing strategies for decentering white supremacy culture and creating space for alternative ways of being and operating.