Solidarity through Service in partnership with Activate Good

December 20, 2022

As we prepare to enter the fall, most everyone will soon be very busy. By the same token, there are opportunities ahead, and so International Focus is using this chance to reconnect — namely with you, our family, who make all of this possible.  

First of all, our MISSION: “To promote mutual understanding between the people of North Carolina’s Triangle Region and the international community through education, cultural exchange, arts, and the celebration of achievements.” 

 In pursuit of this work, we spent much of the past year refining our operations to be able to resume our in-person activities. International Focus is looking at 2024 as the earliest date for a festival, as it will take us a few years to regain the capacity to host our beloved festival. While we are working very hard through this rebuilding process, we intend to host smaller events to carry us till the festival. Please “hang in there” with us — volunteer and donate when possible — as we provide updates and develop a calendar to share with the community. 

One piece of news we have already made you particularly excited about is our 2022 partnership with Activate Good, whose latest incredible work will include “Solidarity Through Service”. In their own words:  

Solidarity Through Service is a month-long impact campaign designed to bring people together across faiths and cultures through volunteer service. The campaign takes place during the typical winter holiday season celebrated by multiple groups in the local community. Activate Good believes that acts of service are a vehicle for increasing empathy and understanding for people across differences. When we serve together, we are all helpers, united in solidarity by purpose – despite any differences in race, nationality, faith, or other factors. In 2022, this campaign will extend from November 20 through December 20, 2022 and will include an outreach campaign with key messages and highlighting diverse volunteer initiatives through partner organizations, and a featured volunteer event. 

In joining this cause, International Focus will be a new partner for a new era — and we know that our volunteer spirit will rise to the challenge. Let’s prepare to get out there and make a difference in the community! Please sign-up directly with Activate Good here   

As we join forces on this special project, we encourage you to engage with Activate Good:

For Community Partners:
Does your organization work with a faith-based, cultural, or other identity group – especially one with holidays or other events from November-January? We’re looking for service projects to take place on Dec. 20, 2022 that provide an opportunity for folks to volunteer together and learn about other cultural groups! If your organization has a need or idea, please submit through THIS form. 

For Cultural Leaders & Representatives:
Are you a member of a faith-based, cultural, or other identity group that you would like to share with the Triangle Community during Solidarity Through Service? We’d love to have you involved in either or both of the below ways! 

  • To contribute your story to a cultural education social media campaign centered on sharing what service and helping the community means to you and your cultural group(s), fill out THIS form! 
  • To co-lead and/or suggest service project stations ideas for our event on December 20, fill out THIS form 

Thank you for all that you do. 

Leila Bekri